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  • Wanda Barquin is an Advisor for Strategic Communication and International Partnerships.  As a Commercial Diplomat for the U.S. Commercial Service, the international trade and investment promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce, she gained ample experience promoting government positions and making policy recommendations.  Much of her work has intersected‎ with executive, legislative, economic, and nongovernmental actors in both the United States and emerging markets. 


    Wanda is focused on growing business between international markets and the United States. She is skilled at working in new countries and regions and rapidly understanding the economic, civil society, government and media factors relevant to industrial competitiveness and trade development.  She has served as a U.S. diplomat under Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. 


    A native of Argentina, she has lived in South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela during her tenure as a diplomat.  Her extensive experience and network in emerging markets enable her to reach out to stakeholders effectively and to engage opinion elites and media organizations in understanding an organization’s mission and particular objectives. 


    Often in her career, Wanda Barquin established strategic networks with key local and regional audiences.  She has advocated on behalf of specific positions, advised on best strategies, promoted commercial products and services, and reported regularly on developments in emerging markets.  For additional information on her effectiveness, please read what several stakeholders say in her recommendations on LinkedIn (www.LinkedIn.com/in/WandaBarquin). 


    Wanda has a solid understanding of international organizations' substantive work, having worked with the Organization of American States, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  She worked closely with the OECD Tourism Committee early in her professional career.  


    Wanda appreciates international organizations' need to help others understand their mission and objectives.  A good example of that was when she helped implement "The Tourism Satellite Account: Methodological Framework" (TSA).  They relied on educating, building capacity and involving stakeholders in the TSA project from the beginning, in order to improve audiences' participation and acceptance of the Framework. 


    More recently, Wanda designed and implemented the first communication plan to support the Secretary of Commerce's goals in Asia.  She capitalized on the buzz generated by Cabinet members’ visits to the region and showcased U.S. government services for U.S. exporters and local importers.  She developed a strategic digital marketing plan for 15 commercial offices throughout Asia.  Other Commercial Service offices around the world are adopting similar integrated marketing strategies! 


    Wanda Barquin has spent her career analyzing ways to support public- and private-sector decision makers, helping them understand the contribution of industry sectors.  She oversaw the dissemination of useful information to wide-ranging stakeholders, including national administrations, private associations, public authorities, academic and research institutions, and international organizations.   


    Wanda continues her public service as Non-Executive Director and Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, of Magnificat Partnerships, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the United States, France, Italy and Argentina.  In addition, she serves as public affairs advisor for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  


    During her free time, Wanda relishes the opportunities to spend time with her dogs, catch up with her family in Buenos Aires, and enjoy Italian opera.  She is an active blogger and member of NGOs advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable in the society, namely children, women, and domesticated animals.  




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    Magnificat Partnerships

    Non-executive Director & Vice Chairman, Board of Directors
    Magnificat Partnerships - Alliances Estrategiques - Alleanze Strategiche - Alianzas Estratégicas (NGO)
     – Present
    Magnificat Partnerships is a strategic matchmaker that aligns partnerships’ interests benefiting both public and private sectors' brands. It establishes long-lasting relationships with companies and social impact partners. Magnificat develops critical thinking, strategic communication, and decision-making skills. It offers strategic multilingual services and learning opportunities. We transfer our advocacy experience, digital influence, and strategic communication skills to organizations in need of insights and inspiration. A pioneering social impact concept...Corporate Social Responsibility in action!

    Accords de coopération et des alliances stratégiques internationales pour créer de la valeur au sein de projets .

    Creazione di alleanze strategiche internazionali e altre forme di accordi per obiettivi con impatti sociali positivi.

    Forjamos alianzas estratégicas para facilitar acceso a mercados internacionales y apoyar inversiones de impacto social.
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    United States Department of Commerce

    U.S. Commercial Diplomat (Advocacy, Trade & Investment Policy & Promotion, Digital Diplomacy, Integrated Marketing, Strategic Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility) 
    – October 2017
    Worked with the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, the international trade and investment promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce, helping U.S. companies start exporting and increase their sales to international markets.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Senior Policy Advisor, Administrative Services Division, Global Markets, International Trade Administration
    June-October 2017
    Before retiring, I provided leadership for management and program projects which were fundamental to the efficiency and productivity of Global Markets (GM). Appointed to the International Trade Administration's Property Review Board to provide assistance & advice on management issues related to property owned by, leased to, or loaned worldwide (Personal Property Management Manual/Federal Management Regulations).
     Led and implemented projects considered critical to the effective operation of the global network. For each project, I identified the optimal approach based on a determination of requirements to achieve success, provided leadership to achieve outcomes and resolve problems, and developed consensus with senior executive managers on complex and controversial aspects of the project. Comparative Study: Reviewed laws and policies to document level and type of travel authorization processes, and identified new approaches/practices for considerations by Global Markets.
    Oversaw program projects located within GM, coordinating their respective functions, providing regular advice and guidance in order to resolve critical problems. Served as the primary advisor for commercial policy matters and activities, and recommended courses of action. Travel Program: Evaluated travel programs from the State and Commerce Departments. Issues included reviewing our current plan to ensure policies were sound and reflected appropriate priorities. Ensured that overseas offices received effective support and services, overseeing policy commitments, and ensuring the Commercial Service complies with travel statutory mandates.
    Represented GM in cross-organizational or interagency working groups. Responsible for eliciting support for project initiatives from stakeholders. Designed and evaluated selected initiatives, working directly with overseas posts and headquarters' executives. Determined whether and how initiative was to be institutionalized and established world-wide.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Commercial Diplomat - U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Colombia (Advocacy, Digital Diplomacy, Marketing) 
    – July 2016 

    Assigned as member of executive team acting as an advocate on behalf of U.S. interests in Colombia, the fastest growing economy in South America. Focused on fostering an improved business climate and increasing trade between the United States and Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Provided business analytics and facilitated introductions to major industry players and key governmental experts to increase trade relations, improve competitiveness, and promote foreign direct investment.

    Significant Accomplishments:
    • Promoted the oil and gas sector, along with environmental and other extractive industries. Showcased products, services, and technologies in order to create awareness of competitive advantages of U.S. products, services and technologies. Fostered energy technologies and U.S. technical assistance programs to carry innovations abroad.
    • Facilitated public-private strategic alliances to address water and environmental challenges in Colombia. Identified U.S. government funds to help develop standard processes collaboratively, and conceptualized programs to develop technical requirements to certify technologies, establish product accreditation standards, and identify U.S. laboratories accepted in Colombia. Worked closely with Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee's (ETTAC) members to define key programs, identify critical requirements, and nurture key relationships.
    • Designed first strategic plan for investment services to promote understanding of the U.S. investment climate, highlighting opportunities to attract interest in U.S.-based projects. Conducted in-depth research, met local experts and stakeholders to establish relationships.
    • Developed an overview on Colombian competitiveness to facilitate understanding of main local challenges. Provided quantitative data and policy recommendations to promote greater competitiveness through public-private partnerships.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Senior Advisor for Strategic Communication (DigitaI Diplomacy, Trade Promotion, Marketing, CSR) 
    – August 2015
    Detailed to the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia as Senior Advisor for Strategic Communication. Led the development of a strategic digital marketing plan and communication campaigns to support the Secretary of Commerce’s goals in Asia. I capitalized on the buzz generated by Cabinet members’ visits to the region and showcased U.S. government services for U.S. exporters and local importers. Identified organizational needs that led to the formation of a new office to manage marketing communications and digital initiatives for the Commercial Service. Serve as writer, ghostwriter, and co-writer of articles and blogs.

    Significant Accomplishments:

    • Led formation of a digital marketing “Asia Team.” Recruited members from 15 countries and colleagues from the United States to support program. Provided webinars and live training on digital marketing techniques and social media channels. Efforts created regional community of Foreign Commercial Service strategic communicators.

    • Active member of the "Design and Construction Team." Recommended best practices for distribution efforts of U.S. export opportunities with state development offices, companies, industry associations, think tanks, universities, and trade press, through social media channels. We prioritized markets with potential infrastructure opportunities, educated U.S. firms on foreign government procurement processes, and improved the marketing of trade leads. These efforts resulted in the identification of more effective outreach methods, increased stakeholder awareness, and rapid dissemination of information about business opportunities to U.S. exporters.

    • Developed campaigns directed to targeted U.S. audiences that introduced commercial offices in Asia. They explained how offices help exporters reduce risk and navigate in-country challenges. I received positive feedback on the implementation. The strategy will be replicated worldwide.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Commercial Diplomat - U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Mexico (Advocacy, Digital Communication Strategies) 
    – Feb 2014
    Led a Mexico City-based team of international trade development experts, researchers, and communications professionals. Along with other Commercial Service staff, served to increase trade with Mexico, the second largest economy in Latin America. Provided counseling and business matchmaking services to facilitate trade relations between Mexican and U.S. firms and organized international trade events. Part of Ambassador's speechwriting team.

    Significant Accomplishments:

    • Developed understanding of the U.S. Ambassador’s international trade priorities to better market infrastructure opportunities to U.S. companies. Reviewed written research. Met with local experts and stakeholders to establish relationships and conducted SWOT analyses. Those efforts resulted in identifying the most effective outreach methods, increasing stakeholder awareness, and more rapid disseminating information about opportunities and how to conduct cross-border business. Introduced new Director of the Mexican rail association (AMF) to sister government agency (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) to evaluate freight transportation needs. Helped evaluate projects to develop freight rail system and obtain a technical assistance grant to modernize freight railcar fleet.

    • Organized panels of key public-and private-sector speakers to discuss business opportunities via webinars, attracting hundreds of U.S. companies. Explained the government bidding process, substantial legal reforms in the telecommunications and energy sectors, and changes in the public-private partnership regulations to encourage U.S. participation in President Peña's 2013-2018 National Development Plan and 2014-2018 National Infrastructure Program, worth over USD $600 billion dollars.

    • Led the development of a Social Media strategy and deployment of a multi-channel communication plan for Mexico. Was considered a Social Media leader by a Commerce 2013 worldwide management capacity study.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Senior Trade Advisor (Trade Policy, Corporate Business Matching, Digital Marketing Strategies)
    – Aug 2012
    Advised on policy, legislative, and regulatory matters from perspective of foreign importers of U.S. goods and services. Participated in initiatives to improve Commerce’s effectiveness, build its communications capacity, and establish a stronger digital presence.

    Significant Accomplishments:

    • Member of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Outreach Team that collaborated on developing and implementing a strategy to promote second-largest free trade agreement in U.S. history. Was awarded a Commerce Medal for project’s success.

    • Member of team that collaborated on developing new.export.gov, a Presidential Initiative to introduce one-stop, one-form exporting for SMEs. Site consolidates information and requirements from 20 federal agencies, making it much easier for small businesses to expand their foreign sales.

    • Edited "Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways to Grow Your Business," a Commerce Department e-book. More than 5,000 copies were distributed and it is currently sold out. Still available as an e-book for USD $6.99 via various outlets.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Deputy Senior Commercial Officer - U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Chile (Advocacy, Marketing, CSR)
    – Apr 2010
    Led 11-person team tasked with increasing trade between Chile, the sixth-largest economy in Latin America, and the United States. Crafted policy positions and advocacy strategies. Negotiated at ministerial level to ensure trade agreement compliance. Represented Embassy at media, local, national, and international events. Led U.S. involvement in FIDAE 2008 and 2010, largest air trade show in Latin America.

    Significant Accomplishments:

    • Collaborated closely with senior executives from a global 100 company to identify opportunities at FIDAE, gain introductions to decision makers, and receive favorable media coverage for Chilean earthquake assistance. Sensitive assignment as U.S. firm was largest employer in Commerce Secretary’s home state. Received letter of commendation from the firm's head of Latin American sales.

    • Supported U.S. manufacturers in closing more than USD $1 billion of sales related to modernizing of Chilean military over three-year period.

    • Led complex, multi-year effort to clear U.S. technology manufacturer of allegations of trade violations under the World Trade Organization's Customs Valuation Agreement and U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement. Prevented over USD $4 million of potential penalties and fines.

    • Promoted to Washington, D.C. to work on two Presidential Initiatives and other projects.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Commercial Diplomat - U.S. Diplomatic Mission to South Africa (Advocacy, Regional Trade Promotion) 
    – Mar 2006
    Executed commercial program in the Southern African Development Community.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Commercial Diplomat - U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Venezuela (Advocacy, Communication Strategies) 
    – May 2002
    Worked closely with the Ambassador to advocate on behalf of U.S. interests and assess potential for U.S. businesses to enter new Venezuelan industry sectors.
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    U.S. Commercial Service

    Acting Principal Commercial Officer - Diplomatic Mission to Mexico (Advocacy, Business Development) 
    – Apr 2000
    Established full-time Commercial Service operations covering three Mexican states. Increased U.S. exports to northwestern Mexico.
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    International Trade Administration

    Senior International Policy Analyst - Travel & Tourism (Trade Negotiations, Advocacy, Market Access) 
    – Feb 1996
    Assessed policies, laws, institutions, and programs representing significant trade barriers to U.S. service exports. Developed recommendations that were included in the Secretary’s reports to Congress. Conducted bilateral and multilateral negotiations.
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    International Trade Administration

    Regional Manager, Latin America - The Advocacy Center (High-Level Advocacy, Market Access) 
    – Mar 1997
    Developed strategic responses to counteract political, economic, and legal environments that negatively affected U.S. interests.

    "You were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness." (Pope Benedict XVI)


    Strategic Communication

    International Partnerships

    Bilateral & Multilateral Negotiations

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Media Relations



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    Georgetown University

    Master of Professional Studies Candidate, Public Relations & Corporate Communications Integrated Marketing Communications 2015 - 2018


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    Georgetown University

    M.A. in Latin American Studies - School of Foreign Service International Economic Development 1988 - 1991


    broken image

    Universidad de Belgrano

    Organization of American States Scholar Political Economy & Development Economics 1988 - 1988


    broken image

    Georgetown University

    B.S. School of Foreign Service International Relations, Law & Organizations 1986 - 1988

    Phi Beta Kappa & Magna Cum Laude 1988


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    Mark T. Baker
    Director, Global Trade and Regulatory Affairs at Diageo

    Wanda is a seasoned international trade professional, with a strong background in trade policy and trade promotion. She is dedicated and hard working. She is an excellent team player whose lively approach and energy make her a great work colleague.
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    Juan Verde

    Wanda Barquin displayed remarkable abilities managing the relationships between private partners orrganizations and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Her strategic and tactical skills, and her talent for communicating with executives from countries around the world, have been a determining factor in our organization's growth and sucess. Her acumen in public relations and public policy is well-recognized in the business world.
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    Linda Caruso
    U.S. Commercial Service

    Wanda is a consummate professional with extensive experience as an advocate and diplomat for U.S. companies. She possesses the essential ability to communicate cross-culturally, as well as in her native languages of Spanish and fluent English. That, and her ability to converse in Italian and French, make her an excellent global citizen.

    Wanda and I worked together crafting the Social Media efforts for the Commercial Team at U.S. Embassy Mexico. She also shines in her ability to coordinate high-profile client visits to Mexico.

    I am grateful to her for generously sharing information about technology trends and best practices. Wanda consistently follows through with her ideas and shares important updates by uploading information on our central repository page for easy access to all employees worldwide.
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    Miguel Angel Leaman
    Coordinador de Procesos para la Internacionalizacion de Empresas Mexicanas at ProMexico

    He tenido el placer de conocer y de trabajar con Wanda a lo largo de varias décadas, inicialmente en Washington, D.C. y,ahora, en la Ciudad de México. Su entusiasmo, dedicación y cortesía, así como su profundo conocimiento e interacción con las culturas empresariales de Norteamérica y de América Latina, la distinguen, haciendo muy grato trabajar en proyectos conjuntos. Será muy agradable seguir identificando iniciativas con Wanda que materialicen oportunidades de negocios para empresas del Hemisferio Occidental.

    Por lo anteriormente expresado, es un honor recomendar a Wanda para cualquier actividad que ella decida realizar.
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    Stephanie Fuller
    Director- Global Business Development at Office Depot-Business Solutions Division

    Wanda is a mover and shaker who gets things done! When learning about the business environment in Chile, she was a wealth of knowledge and an amazing resource who knew the ins and outs of developing trade in Chile and in the rest of South America for that matter. Her insights and her connections she generously shared and was a true delight to work with.
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    Johnny Brown
    President/CEO at African Marketing & Consulting Services, LLC

    Ms. Barquin continues to shine in her efforts to promote the commercial interest of the United States around the world. I continue to follow the progress and the career of some personnel who showed exceptional promise in carrying out the mission of the Commercial diplomats. Wanda was and is definitely one of those employees. Ms. Barquin has prospered despite changing priorities within in the Department, which entailed cutbacks in resources, personnel and fiscal. Her dedication and patience has kept her interest our mission high, and her maturity as a Foreign Service Officer enabled her to ride the waves of changes and and emerge a stronger FSO/person.

    Johnny E. Brown
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    Doug Barry
    Deputy Director, U.S. Commercial Service

    I've had the good fortune to work with Wanda when she was a commerical officer in South Africa and more recently here in Washington, DC, where she helped me write a book on free trade agreements. Wanda is a doer and problem solver--and in English and Spanish. She is an excellent researcher and writer. Better yet she is a good and good-natured colleague. Her next assignment is in Mexico City, where I know she'll excel once again at protecting U.S. business interests.
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    Donna Hrinak
    President, Boeing Brazil

    Wanda was creative in advancing US business interests during a difficult time for official US-Venezuela relations. A real team player with excellent communications skills and strong ability to work across agency divides and with host country interlocutors.
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    Javier Jativa
    Deputy Commissioner, North America at Trade & Investment Queensland

    Wanda Barquin is a proven executive with accomplishments in several areas, including international communications and foreign affairs. As my supervisor, she was always well-prepared, thorough, creative and a pleasure to work with. She always displayed outstanding abilities in managing the U.S.-Venezuelan commercial relationship. Our contacts liked the fact that she took the time to know her audience and truly understand their needs. Wanda was a popular public speaker and a well-respected strategic thinker.
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    Lucy Marichal
    Directora Ejecutiva en ICC Venezuela

    Wanda es una extraordinaria entusiasta del Comercio Internacional, durante dos años, formó localmente parte muy activa del Comité de Comercio Exterior de la VenAmCham (Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce), su apoyo y conocimiento significaron un gran valor para sus miembros. Adicionalmente tiene un magnífico poder de relación interpersonal, muy profesional sin dejar de ser cercana.
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    Eugenio Salinas Morales
    Director Relaciones Institucionales en Xignux

    I met Wanda in the late 1980s while serving as a diplomat at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C. She is a professional of great integrity, interested in solving complex problems with a win-win attitude. Wanda approached our governmental negotiations with an entrepreneurial mindset. She was intellectually curious and our collaborative efforts flourished thanks to her drive, cultural sensitivity and her global outlook. Likes to keep updated in International and trade issues. She is friendly and an easy going person so it was a pleasure working with her.
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    Jay Brandes
    Consultant at Pro-Telligent

    As Wanda's supervisor for several years during her tenure with the Advocacy Center she was one of the outstanding projects managers that worked in the Center. She was responsible for many large and small projects in the Latin America region (i.e. oil and gas, telecomunications, aerospace etc.) many of which were in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Wanda coordinated USG-wide advocacy to ensure that the U.S. companies seeking to win these foreign government contracts competed on a level playing field and had the best opportunity for success. She was always very thorough and left no stone unturned to give the U.S. companies the best chance to win. I would strongly recommend Wanda for any position that supports U.S. companies seeking to expand into foreign markets.
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    John Harris
    Managing Partner and CEO at Harris Mazzawi International LLC.

    Wanda is a hard-working, trust-worthy, international manager. I have seen the way she connects with prospective customers, and how she follows up with her committments. I have known her for almost twenty years, and I have seen her in action in tough assignments, in Mexico, in Chile, and other countries. I give her a very strong recommendation. John Harris
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    Mirta Alvarez
    International Affairs Professional

    Wanda is an action-oriented individual who knows her business well. As Acting Principal Officer at the U.S.Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, I had the opportunity to work closely with Wanda.
    One of our foreign policy objectives is to advance business opportunities for US companies. Wanda excelled in this regard . During my tenure in Tijuana, US business increased by over30% thanks to her efforts. She is a superb Foreign Commercial Officer who has my highest recommendation. Mirta Alvarez (Consul of the United States of America, Ret.)
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    Chris Christov
    International Trade Specialist at U.S. DOC/U.S.FCS

    Wanda is an exemplary public servant, very professional, a strong team player, sociable and likable; she gets things done!
    broken image

    Roza Pace
    Supervisory International Trade Specialist at US Commercial Service, Trade Promotion Programs

    Wanda has been a true team player and a quick study. She brought to our office enthusiasm, exceptional analytical and communication skills and ability to navigate complex free trade agreements. Her unique ability to understand and negotiate complex free trade agreements was indiscernible to our office. Wanda’s unique ability to translate both from Spanish to English as well as from “legal” to operational English allow us to explain in practical terms complicated concepts for U.S. companies looking to access international markets and take advantage of complex Trade Agreements. She developed marketing materials and Web content for our export.gov website to communicate the benefits and requisites of trade agreements such as how to understand and apply "Rules of Origin." Here work contributed greatly to better understanding by the exporters of the policy issues. She was able to convey concepts in a clear, short and concise fashion, keeping them private sector-friendly. Wanda would be an asset in any organization in need of a worldly public relations and diplomatic experts.
    broken image

    Ron Erdmann
    Deputy Director - Research, OTTI at U.S. Department of Commerce

    I met Wanda in the late 1980’s while we both worked at the U.S. Travel & Tourism Administration. Wanda was a team player. She also had the ability to speak several languages. She listened well to other officials and clients’ concerns and asked probing questions, an asset in international negotiations. Since then, we have kept in touch and I admire her ability to effectively work in several countries, including Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa, covering a wide range of industry sectors. She has been a strong advocate for U.S. business interests around the globe and, over the years, she has expanded her skills and expertise.


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    +1 (202) 873-4951
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